How to Waterproof Uggs

UGGs come in a variety of shapes and sizes for both men and women. The most standard of them are relatively unisex. They are made of sheepskin and are known for being very comfortable.

While some UGGs come already waterproofed from the store, not every UGG comes that way. UGG stores recommend a waterproofing treatment spray that they sell in their stores. You can also get other treatments online to make your UGGs as weatherproof as possible.

Buy Your Waterproofing Spray

Here are some UGG care products that can get you started.

UGG Care Kit

UGG Care Kit

  • Made in US.
  • Synthetic sole, Suede scuff eraser.
  • Includes 4 oz. Cleaner & Conditioner.
Suede Brush

Suede Brush

  • Cleans boots, shoes, coats, jackets, furniture, dance shoes, and sneakers. Perfect with sprays, foams, eraser, and cleaning kits.
  • Welt Surface used for stronger cleaning on heavier scuff marks and stains.
  • Nylon bristles used for a lighter gentler cleaning on light scuff marks for thin fine suede/nubuck.
Suede Eraser

Suede Eraser

  • Saphir’s suede eraser removes dried stains from suede and nubuck shoes while restoring the leather’s original texture, revitalizing shiny areas.
  • Rub the stain gently with the eraser, then brush off remaining particles with a suede cleaning brush afterwards.
  • Saphir’s eraser is perfect for spot cleaning and gently removing small stains.
Cleaner and Waterproofing Kit

Cleaner and Waterproofing Kit

  • Made in the USA.
  • Protect footwear from water and stains and keep them looking new with this all-in-one suede and fabric boot care kit.
  • Use the concentrated suede cleaner to safely remove dirt and grime from suede, nubuck, canvas and GORE-TEX boots.
Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing Spray

  • Adds water Repellency to synthetic or leather footwear while preserving texture.
  • Clean first with Nikwax footwear cleaning gel for best results.
  • Recommend for use on all textured leather shoes, coats, and gloves; safe for GORE-TEX.

How to Waterproof Your UGGS

Follow these steps to waterproof your UGG boots:

step 1

Clean and Pretreat your UGGs

If you are not waterproofing your UGGs directly from the box, you should remove dirt and all other debris using a suede brush. If there are any marks and stains, you should clean those with a suede cleaner before proceeding with waterproofing.

It is also advised that you clean your boots with UGG Cleaner and Conditioner before treating with the waterproofing spray.

step 2

Do a Spot Test

While these products advertise being made to work with UGGs and other leathers and suedes, it is a good practice to test the product in an inconspicuous area to make sure your shoes don’t get discolored.

Also, you will want to cover any part of the UGG that isn’t suede such as rhinestones, bows, and tassels, just in case the spray damages them.

step 3

Apply Waterproofing Spray Generously

Be sure to cover the entire shoe or boot with the spray. You especially want to put the treatment where the sole and boot surface meet to prevent water from seeping into the seam. This is the part that is most likely to get wet.

While you want to apply generously, don’t soak the shoes with the treatment. A general misting for light dampness is best.

step 4

Let Your UGGs Sit

It is recommended to let your UGGs dry completely after the waterproofing treatment. Don’t try to speed the process along with fans or heat, just let them dry naturally which may take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to several hours.

If you put them in a well-ventilated area, this will help the process along naturally. But make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and heat because this can warp the boots or burn the suede.

step 5

Apply a Second Coat

Once the treatment spray has dried completely, go ahead and apply a second coat. This will help you cover any spots you may have missed the first time and also add just a little bit more protection to the boots.

step 6

Leave Your UGGs Alone Overnight

The temptation to wear your UGGs immediately after treating them is probably very steep. However, you’ll want them to sit and cure for at least eight hours before wearing them to ensure the waterproofing treatment sets right and will do its job. Sometimes this process can take a whole 24 hours, so plan ahead and don’t be surprised if the process takes closer to the full day.

step 7

Give them one more Brush

Once your UGGs are completely dry, you should brush them lightly with the suede brush again to restore the nap of the suede. This will have them looking fresh and new, but now they are also waterproof.

How to Waterproof Uggs

What Waterproofing Does

Waterproofing your UGGs will protect them from rain, snow, and other liquids. However, you must be aware that they were not made to get soaked. Splashing in puddles and knowingly walking into downpours is unfortunately counterproductive, even with the waterproofing.

Waterproofing them is good for accidental spills, getting caught in the rain unexpectedly, walking in a little bit of snow, and other small situations like that.

Another thing to note is that you will need to retreat your UGGs every few months with the waterproofing spray. Read the label on the spray you buy for best practices.

Already Waterproof UGGs

Ironically, the suede UGGs which are made to be worn in the winter are not the best boots to get wet unless you treat them. Unfortunately, suede can also be easily stained by water. Only the soles of your suede UGGs is naturally waterproof.

Some UGGs come pretreated to be resistant to water and other liquids. UGG specifically makes rain boots and snow boots. But even these are not meant to be exposed to water for long periods of time.

Over the years, UGG has made it so most of its shoes and boots are waterproof out of the box, but as waterproofing treatments are only guaranteed to last six months, be sure to treat your UGGs that often to keep the waterproofing treatment intact.

Best Practices for Taking Care of UGGs

If you take care of your UGGs, they can last for an average of four years. UGGs are purpose-built for comfort and warmth. If they are worn accordingly and treated appropriately for moisture, they’ll last a good long while.

Remember that the more you wear them, the more the UGGs will need to be cleaned, but don’t get overzealous with cleaning them because you can cause them to wear down by overbrushing them too!

UGGs, as well as other leather and suede shoes, should never be put in the washing machine. If something happens and they get dirty, clean them with a special UGG cleaner and conditioner to restore them to like-new conditions. If you don’t have UGG cleaner and need to get to a stain fast, use cold water on a damp cotton cloth.

You should also brush your UGGs regularly to keep the suede fresh and new looking. Just don’t rub too hard because you may inadvertently damage the suede.

Hopefully this guide and best practices enables you to prolong the life of your UGGs so you can continue to wear them for years to come!