How to Waterproof Timberland Boots

You can use wax, sprays, or mink oil to waterproof your Timberland boots. The choice of treatment would depend on the material that the boots are made out of.

You want your boots to be able to handle whatever the great outdoors has prepared for them. But…do you have to waterproof your Timberlands, if some of the models are already waterproof? And if yes, then how exactly should you do that?

Let’s find out!

How to Waterproof Timberland Boots

Are Timberland Boots Waterproof?

The truth is that the company has been manufacturing waterproof boots since 1973. They use seam-sealed construction, waterproof membranes, and leathers.

Whether you choose to get yourself an iconic yellow boot, a low hiker, a women’s Norwood, or one out of many other models that the brand has to offer, you can rest assured that this pair is waterproof.

Timberland Men's Waterproof Padded Collar Boot

Timberland Men's Waterproof Padded Collar Boot

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
Timberland Garrison Trail Waterproof Low Hiker

Timberland Garrison Trail Waterproof Low Hiker

  • Timberdry™ Waterproof Technology
  • Rebotl™ Material
  • Better Leather
Timberland Women's Norwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Timberland Women's Norwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

  • Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole

But that does not mean that you shouldn’t waterproof your Timberland boots!

Over time, your pair can lose its superpower. Liquids will start penetrating the surface of the fabric. And the next thing you know – your favorite pair has developed a watermark or a stain that completely ruins its look.

So, regular maintenance is essential to maintaining the waterproof layer of any pair of boots.

Why You Need to Waterproof Your Timberland Boots

If you want to give your Timberlands some extra protection and make sure that they stay looking fresh for years and years, you should consider waterproofing the pair.

Moreover, the majority of shoes by this brand are made of high-quality leather. Even though the material is a water-repellant by nature, it is relatively tender and requires some additional treatment.

For example, the leather may crack and stiffen throughout the years. That will happen because its natural oils will start to dry out. Consequently, the boots will become not as waterproof as they used to be.

However, if you take good care of your leather Timberland boots and treat it with wax, you will not only improve their waterproofness but also condition and soften the gentle leather.

Warning! If the boots are suede or nubuck leather, the wax will cause stains and damage the material.

What Are the Best Products to Waterproof Your Timberland Boots?

Your choice of the waterproofing method will fully depend on the material your Timberlands are made out of.

Thankfully, the company itself has come up with quite a few products that will help you keep your boots in pristine condition. But, of course, there are also a few great alternatives on the market today.

If you have leather boots, you might want to go for Waximum – a waxed leather protector that is made out of beeswax and coconut oil. It claims to replace water resistance and revive dry leather.

Bear in mind that the shoe will absorb any kind of wax, so your pair will become a bit darker. But that’s not really an issue as this will make your boots look ‘newer’ (as if you had just gotten them out of the box).

Hubert’s Shoe Grease is a great alternative to Timberland’s wax.

Hubert’s Shoe Grease

Huberd’s Shoe Grease

  • Protects your leather from water damage and keeps your feet dry
  • Restores old leather to a soft, supple condition and keeps it pliable
  • Revitalizes and replenishes essential oils to help prevent drying

For the shoes that are suede, nubuck leather, or canvas, you should go for a waterproof spray.

Timberland’s Balm Proofer Water and Stain Repellant will protect against stains caused by oils and salt and will restore water repellency.

The NeverWet Shoe and Boots Spray will also get the job done. The clear formula won’t change the appearance of your boots. And all you have to do to make your pair waterproof is use the trigger spray (how convenient, right?).

Rust-Oleum NeverWet Shoe and Boots Spray

Rust-Oleum NeverWet Shoe and Boots Spray

  • Repels and protects from damage caused by water
  • Crystal clear, silicone-free formula will not change appearance or feel of items
  • Easy single step trigger spray application

You can also use mink oil if you want to make your boots waterproof. This stuff darkens the leather and doesn’t leave the pair with a bright shine, but it’s a great option for ‘working’ boots.

Such oil protects the shoes from water by clogging the pores in the leather. So, if you use your Timberland boots for working, then mink oil can become your savior.

Red Wing Mink Oil

Red Wing Mink Oil

  • Protect and lengthen the life of your boots
  • Made in the USA
  • Specifically designed to help maintain the unique qualities of Red Wing leather
How to Waterproof Timberland Boots

How to Waterproof Timberland Boots: A Step-by-Step Guide


Before getting any further, you should prepare your Timberlands. The boots have to be clean and dry for the waterproof treatment to work.

Thoroughly clean your pair and allow them to dry naturally.

Warning! Do not use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. It can cause the leather to crack and blister.

Don’t forget to remove the laces.

How to Apply Wax

Rub the wax into the leather. Pay extra attention to the toes, seals, and tongues.

If you want, you can rub the shoelaces as well.

This time, you may use a hairdryer to melt the wax and let it cover the whole shoe. Just don’t overheat the leather.

Let the wax cool down and you are ready to go.

How to Apply Spray

Find a well-ventilated area to spray your Timberland boots (go outside if you can).

Make sure to hold the spray at least 6-10 inches away from the boots to ensure that the protective layer is even.

Remove any access with a wipe.

Consult the instructions for this one, but usually, you would want your shoes to dry for at least 4 hours.

Apply another protective coat.

Let the boots dry for a day or two.

How to Apply Mink Oil

Massage the oil into the leather.

Use a hairdryer to melt it, in such a way, the oil will get into the stitching as well.

After a few hours, use a white cloth to remove the excess.

Tip: you would want to reapply any kind of treatment at least every few months.

That’s How to Waterproof Timberland Boots

Figure out which one of these works best for your pair – wax, spray, or mink oil.

No matter which treatment you decide to go for, your Timberlands have to be absolutely clean and dry before you start waterproofing them.

Applying a waterproof layer to your favorite pair is by no means an ‘extra’ step. If you want your shoes to be in peak condition for many years, then waterproofing them should become part of your regular maintenance routine.