10 Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies For Fishing, Kayaking, & Outdoor Adventures

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you know that communication is necessary, especially in an emergency. Whether you’re out on the water alone or with a group on a fishing trip, you’ll need a set of waterproof walkie-talkies to be able to keep in touch with each other no matter what.

But, if you’re not exactly tech-savvy, how do you know what to look for? Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed the top ten waterproof walkie-talkies for any outdoor adventure or indoor crew.

Keep reading to learn more about how to spot the best waterproof walkie-talkies out of the bunch plus the top ten radios you can get.

Waterproof Walkie Talkie Features To Look For

Other than being waterproof, walkie-talkies come with numerous additional features that are designed for your safety and a better experience with the radio by your side. Here are the most important features you need to look for in a set of waterproof walkie-talkies.


Battery life is undoubtedly the most essential feature in waterproof walkie-talkies. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, having a lasting battery is essential. Look for walkie-talkies that can last for as long as you will need them. 


Although two radios have to be paired to one channel to be able to communicate, it’s actually better to have as many channels as possible, to be able to find the right frequency to talk back and forth, without any disruptions from other radio users that may be scanning available channels. Another feature in many radios is privacy codes for certain channels so that no one can enter the conversation except you and the other people with the code.


If you’re going out on the water or to a remote area, you’ll want something with a longer reach, or in other words, range. This is especially important for search and rescue teams or hunting parties that need to split up in different directions. However, you should note that no matter high-tech a waterproof walkie-talkie is, frequency and range can be interrupted by obstructions like buildings, thick forestry, and mountains.

Best Waterproof Walkie Talkies

You don’t want to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a defective walkie-talkie. That’s a disaster just waiting to happen. Instead, here are the top ten waterproof walkie-talkies that are loaded with all the features you need.

1. Uniden MHS75 Waterproof Walkie Talkie

Uniden MHS75 Waterproof Walkie Talkie


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX8
  • Max. Range: 3-8 miles
  • Powered By: 1 rechargeable AA Battery Lithium-Ion

The Uniden MHS75 waterproof walkie-talkies are made for all adventures on dry land or the water. Featuring a flexible antenna, international marine channel reception, and interchangeable short/long-distance range, you’ll never have to be incommunicado ever again.

This waterproof walkie-talkie is made for a rugged outdoor life. With a marine-standard IPX8 rating, it’s fully submersible, in case of rain, tidal waves, and more. And, if you are using this on the water, you can get an optional fish-finder or emergency marine box for your boat.

The MHS75 gets up to 10 hours of battery life with only one battery and 3 different power settings to save battery usage. Plus, there are up to 88 channels including automatic weather alerts checking, so you’ll never be bought by surprise by a storm. 

Pros & Cons


  • Marine-level water resistance.
  • Optional emergency marine box or fish finder.
  • Automatic emergency reports.


  • Max range is 8 miles, so it’s not built for longer distances.

2. Cobra ACXT1035R FLT Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Cobra ACXT1035R FLT Waterproof Walkie Talkies


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Max. Range: 37 miles
  • Powered By: 6 AA Batteries (rechargeable)

The Cobra ACXT 1035R FLT walkie-talkies are heavy-duty and ready for all of your outdoor excursions. With an IP rating of IPX7, these are fully waterproof walkie-talkies that can float too! communicate with your friends from up to 37 miles away with one of the 2662 channel combinations and privacy codes, so no one can eavesdrop.

With rechargeable AA batteries, you can get days of communication with the Cobra walkie talking. Plus, you can get advanced weather alerts with the built-in NOAA receiver to be ready for any weather conditions that are on the way.

The ACXT 1035R FLT also features Rewind, where you can replay a transmission for better clarity and it has voice-activated transmission, so you don’t have to press any buttons. And, there’s a built-in LED flashlight to help you if you get lost in the dark.

Pros & Cons


  • Long-distance range.
  • 72-hour battery life.
  • Lightweight, with clips for easy travel.


  • A small digital screen may be hard to see for some.

3. Retevis RT6 Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT6 Waterproof Walkie Talkies


  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Max. Range: 10 miles
  • Powered By: 7.4V Rechargeable Battery

Retivis’ RT6 dustproof and waterproof walkie-talkies are multi-faceted two-way radios with great sound quality and interruption resistance. With a range of 10 miles and 128 channels, you are never without a clear connection to your camping or hunting buddies.

The RT6 helps to optimize its 10-hour battery life through 3 power levels. And when you’re not using it, it goes into automatics sleep mode, to further save battery life. Another feature is the automatic voice recognition for hands-free communication when you’re using the included weatherproof earpiece.

For emergencies like getting lost, you can rely on the SOS alarm and the built-in flashlight. Plus, the LCD screen can be shown in three different colors, so you can see it, no matter the light conditions or your eyesight. 

Pros & Cons


  • Emergency light and alarm.
  • Long battery life and power-saving features.
  • Long-range and over 100 channels.


  • The reception range is dependent on elevation.

4. Radioddity Voyage RV6 Waterproof Walkie Talkie

Radioddity Voyage RV6 Waterproof Walkie Talkie


  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Max. Range: 20 miles
  • Powered By: Rechargeable Battery

Radioddity’s Voyage RV6 walkie-talkie is a life-proof, marine-standard radio that floats and can be submersed for a half hour. If it is put underwater, the radio drains itself using vibration.

Not only is this walkie-talkie waterproof, but it’s dustproof and resistant to both low and high temperatures. Plus, you can reach other radios for up to 20 miles for more than 8 hours, whether you’re on the water and dry land.

When you’re using the Voyage RV6 on your boat, this radio automatically searches for and receives all marine and weather channels. This provides peace of mind, knowing you will never be caught unawares when a storm or bad water conditions are heading your way.

Pros & Cons


  • Marine and Weather Alerts.
  • Long Range.
  • Extremely Durable.


  • The battery life is lower than most radios of this kind.

5. Midland 50-Channel Waterproof Two-Way Radios

Midland 50-Channel Waterproof Two-Way Radios


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4
  • Max. Range: 36 miles
  • Powered By: Rechargeable battery pack

Midland is a well-known outdoor brand that sells waterproof technology that is built for life in tough terrains. The Midland 50-channel waterproof walkie-talkies are one of their lightweight radios that are packed full of useful features.

Pair the radios with up to 50 channels with privacy code and featured whisper mode, so you can keep interruptions or eavesdroppers out. There’s even an included earpiece for added hearing and privacy and hands-free talking for easier communication.

The Midland walkie-talkies also feature SOS alerts and weather channel scans, so you can be prepared for any weather conditions on your outdoor adventures. And, with over 30 miles of range, the possibilities of where you can take these waterproof walkie-talkies are endless. 

Pros & Cons


  • NOAA weather alerts.
  • Included earpiece.
  • Wide range with over 50 channels.


  • Max battery life is only 4 hours with the provided batteries.

6. Seodon SED 8 Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Seodon SED 8 Waterproof Walkie Talkies


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4
  • Max. Range: 5 miles
  • Powered By: 1 lithium-ion battery pack (with backup battery included)

Seodon is a relatively new company, but they have made a lot of top-quality items in their time. The SED8 waterproof walkie-talkies are extremely reliable radios that are resistant to sweat, rain, and temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Keep in touch with your crew by connecting multiple SED8 radios to each other via 16 different channels and at a 5-mile distance. Plus, you can program it right from your computer. 

The long-lasting battery life goes into a power-saving mode to extend the life. You can charge on the dock or with the rapid-charge USB attachment for hours and hours of clear communication. There’s even an included earpiece for better hearing in a noisy area.

Pros & Cons


  • Backup batteries included.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • You can program it with your PC.


  • The range is only 5 miles, so it’s better for smaller distance use.

7. DEWALT DXFRS800 Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies

DEWALT DXFRS800 Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies


  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Max. Range: 2 miles
  • Powered By: Built-in rechargeable battery

DEWALT is a famous workwear brand known for extremely durable and effective tools and other equipment. The DXFRS800 is a heavy-duty waterproof walkie-talkie built tough for any conditions, including dust, heavy rain, and freezing temperatures.

If you’re prone to dropping things, this is the radio for you. The DXFRS800 radios are not only drop-resistant but are also build with anti-slip grips on the sides for better control. And, there’s a strong belt clip, so you and your radio can stay attached at the hip.

This pair of DEWALT job site radios reach 2 miles with audio as clear as a whistle. Plus the rechargeable batteries last for a whopping 18-hours and also have a power-saving mode that helps save battery life when you’re not using the radios. 

Pros & Cons


  • Power saver mode.
  • Easy-Read LCD Display.
  • Ultra-durable and portable.


  • Recommended for shorter distances like job sites.

8. Standard Horizon HX210 Waterproof Walkie Talkie

Standard Horizon HX210 Waterproof Walkie Talkie


  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Max. Range: 10 miles
  • Powered By: Built-in rechargeable battery

The HX210 waterproof radio by Standard Horizon is a submersible radio that’s ruggedly built and ready to go along with you on all of your adventures. With a ten-mile range, this VHF radio reaches multiple channels and even has a built-in FM radio, so you can listen to music on the way.

Not only is this a waterproof walkie-talkie, but you can also drop it in the water without worrying because it’s fully submersible and it floats. When it does get in the water, there’s an emergency strobe light to help you find it.

The battery in the HX210 radio lasts for more than 12 hours and has a rapid plug charger and cigarette-lighter charger, so you can always keep a full charge for whenever you need it. And if something ever goes wrong, there’s a 3-year warranty to get a replacement.

Pros & Cons


  • 3-year warranty.
  • Built-in FM Radio.
  • Quick charger.


  • Some of the radio’s functions use up battery life in a short time.

9. GOCOM G9 Waterproof Two-Way Radios

GOCOM G9 Waterproof Two-Way Radios


  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Max. Range: 30 miles
  • Powered By: 6 AA Rechargeable Batteries

The GOCOM G9 waterproof walkie-talkies are lightweight but built tough. Rated at IP67, you can take these radios in the water or on land in dry and dusty conditions for a total of 14 hours. It’s also drop-resistant for up to 5 feet.

Connect the G9 radios with one of 22 channels that have 121 privacy codes to keep radio-interference out of your way. Plus, the radios also scan 11 NOAA weather channels to prepare you for unexpected weather conditions. 

If you find yourself lost in lower light conditions or it drops in the water, there’s also an alert button and strobe light to help you find it. And, there’s included emergency lamp to help you see when the sun goes down.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely long range.
  • Multiple emergency features.
  • Included LED lamp.


  • Not submersible.

10. Motorola T600 Talk-About Radios

Motorola T600 Talk-About Radios


  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Max. Range: 35 miles
  • Powered By: 4 AA batteries (rechargeable)

When silence is needed, cut the ring with the VibraCall feature.

The T600 Talk-About’s rechargeable battery life of 23 hours means you can use them all day, without ever worrying about losing communication. They connect to 22 channels with numerous privacy codes to keep conversations between you and your friends.

In case of an incoming storm, you’ll get reception to all NOAA weather alerts so that you can stay prepared, even in remote areas. There are even built-in LED lights with white and red for lighting or SOS signaling in emergencies.

Another great feature of the T600 Talk-About waterproof walkie-talkies is their ability to pair with other radios that aren’t from Motorola. This is extremely beneficial for job site crews or when a hunting group gets together with different radios.

Pros & Cons


  • All-day battery life.
  • NOAA Weather Alerts.
  • Compatible with radios from other brands.


  • May not perform as well on a higher elevation.